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Our history

It all started in 2003 when Dennis Søndergaard bought the property. The property was restored with the idea and dream of a spiritual center, the High Vibration Center, with activities and courses in personal growth. The facilities and nature surrounding the place secure the optimal opportunity to relax and unwind. The perfect combination for personal and spiritual growth. We regularly have courses and workshops with various speakers.

Good energy in modern facilities

It has always been an important focus point for us to cherish the great energy our place has. All visitors at Liseby Bed & Breakfast can savour in this energy while enjoying their pitstop in the beautiful surroundings, we can offer.
Liseby Bed & Breakfast is located on the western side of Møn, a 15 min. drive from the highway and a 10 min. drive from Stege. Stege is a cozy town in the summer time with lots of different activities both for children and adults.

Enjoy a walk in the beautiful Fanefjord forest

If you love nature and the outdoors, we have the most wonderful surroundings in Liseby. Wavey fields, large beautiful forests. Take a 10 min. walk and you will find yourself in the exquisite Fanefjord forest, where you can see and find many different animals. The forest stretches all the way down to the beach, with an incredible view, and the opportunity to take a swim in the gorgeous blue/green water, which gets its colour from the chalk in the waters surrounding Møn.

Strand m

Enjoy the view at Møns klint

If you want to go see Møns klint (the white cliffs of Møn), it is only a 35 min drive approx.


Make a pitstop on Camønoen

Liseby Bed & Breakfast is placed directly on the Camøno, a 175 km long hiking route. If you walk Camonøen, you will first hand see and feel the beautiful nature and landscapes that Møn has to offer, and you can follow the history of the island on your hike.
The route goes right past Liseby Bed & Breakfast, so you will not have to walk extra kilometers to get to us. You can enjoy a comfortable bed to sleep in and a healthy breakfast to reenergize you before you continue your hike. And before you leave us, you can book and enjoy lovely massage. Find further information on this under Wellness & Spa.

Good energy, even in the water…

Good energy, well-being, good health and pandering are keywords at Liseby Bed & Breakfast. We have installed Grander water, which guarantees good health and well-being. Grander water has a pure and soft taste and is easy for your body to absorb, to keep you feeling fresh longer. The soft water also gives a great experience in the shower, and it is good for the environment, as it returns to nature revitalized.


Your hosts Trine & Dennis

In 2003 Dennis bought the property and has since then run the place as a center for seminars and conferences. In 2016 we decided to start a Bed & Breakfast opening in May 2017. In our daily jobs we work both with people. Dennis as an educator, teacher and host of activities at the High Vibration Center, and Trine works as a masseuse and healer and also in home care.

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