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Make a pitstop on Camønoen

Liseby Bed & Breakfast is placed directly on the Camøno, a 175 km long hiking route. If you walk Camonøen, you will first hand see and feel the beautiful nature and landscapes that Møn has to offer, and you can follow the history of the island on your hike.

The route goes right past Liseby Bed & Breakfast, so you will not have to walk extra kilometers to get to us. You can enjoy a comfortable bed to sleep in and a healthy breakfast to reenergize you before you continue your hike. And before you leave us, you can book and enjoy lovely massage. Find further information on this under Wellness & Spa.

The friendliest hiking route in Denmark

The Camøno is a 175 km long hiking route covering the islands of Møn, Nyord and Bogø. Camønoen is nature, cultural history, gastronomy, hiking, silence, starry night skies and magical memories you will never forget. Camønoen is also the friendliest hike in Denmark.

Hiking for everyone

The route offers family hikes, pilgrim walks, challenging walks, senior friendly walks, experiences for disabled people, culinary experiences and a network of hard working souls, ready to help you with your luggage, telling stories by the bonfire or just simply greeting you with a ”God Camøno” (Happy Camøno). You can hike for a few hours, a weekend or several days. It is up to you.

Meet the committed locals

You can hike the Camøno by yourself in peace and quiet. Or you can approach the locals if you want to be entertained on your way. Or combine the two. Nice, right?

For further information click here www.camonoen.dk



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